Variances may be granted from time to time by the New Haven Board of Adjustment. Their responsibility is to ensure that the ordinances of New Haven Township are followed, but also recognize that there are some circumstances where a variance from the ordinances is required to permit the owner the same level of property enjoyment as the neighboring properties.
NEW HAVEN TOWNSHIP   Olmsted County, Minnesota
Building Permits
New Haven Township parcels can be rezoned or split with proper survey and application requirements. In general, if a parcel is 40 acres this can be split to two (2) building sites as a 5 and 35 acres split, one site being a farm and one being non-farm. However, for both sites to be buildable there may not be other dwellings in that quarter quarter section. There are some additional criteria for a split or re-zoning which we will be glad to discuss with you.
In home non-essential inspections will be suspended. These inspections include; flat fee, remodeling, finishing basements. Please contact CMS on 507-282-8206 for any questions concerning these types of inspections.
Building Permits are required for construction of all buildings over 10'X10' in New Haven Township.They are also required for swimming pools, signs, wind generating towers and radio towers. Demolition permits are required to demolish existing structures and ensure that the area is recovered to natural habitat. Different zoning and parcel sizes will require differing permits for construction.
The process for obtaining a permit starts with a completed application and two sets of building plans. These are plan checked for code compliance and then a permit is issued. Once the permit is paid for, the inspection process can start. As each part of the building process is completed an inspection will be scheduled. When the building is complete, either a certificate of occupancy or a final inspection will be done.
After November 1, 2020, applications for Building Permits, Conditional Use Permits, Zoning Changes, etc., are being handled for New Haven Township by TCPA (Township Cooperative Planning Association).  Contact TCPA at 507-529-0774, or visit
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