NEW HAVEN TOWNSHIP   Olmsted County, Minnesota
Hall Rental
NOTICE: Pursuant to Executive Orders by Governor Walz, the New Haven Town Hall will remain closed to rentals until further notice.  Thank you for your understanding.

New Haven Town Hall can be rented by residents and non-residents. The hall is also available for commercial enterprises, for example a craft fair or an art fair. In order to rent the hall, please check the website calendar to determine if the hall is available on the day/evening that you would like. Call the Town Clerk at 507-226-1082 to confirm availability and request a time to collect the keys and have a tour if needed.
The hall consists of the following amenities:
  • 78X26  meeting room
  • 10X22 kitchen area (microwaves and refrigerator/freezer, sink)
  • coffee makers and bottled water
  • 3 20 amp/120 volt circuits
  • men's and women's restrooms

Decorations are allowed on the walls, provided you use painter's tape. If you are serving alcohol, you must provide a licensed dispenser  as the town hall does not have an alcoholic beverage license.
If you have any questions please call the Town Clerk at 507-226-1082 for more information.

NON-RESIDENTS                  $200
COMMERCIAL                        $200
Sweep and mop the hall if necessary
Clean the sink, counters, microwave (if used)
If you used the refrigerator or freezer, be sure to take your items with you
Take all your trash with you - there is no garbage service at the hall
Re-bag the trash cans - bags are provided
Replace chairs and tables as they were
Turn off all lights and close bathroom doors
Turn the thermostat to 45 in the winter and 85 in the summer
Leave the keys on the kitchen counter
Be sure the doors are locked
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