NEW HAVEN TOWNSHIP   Olmsted County, Minnesota
Ordinance Page
New Haven Township is responsible for managing it's own ordinances. The Town Board of Supervisors is responsible to update, maintain and edit the ordinance book to ensure that New Haven Township is compliant with the Olmsted County ordinances  and the State of Minnesota Codes. As a Township we are required to be equal or more strict that Olmsted County in our ordinance designations. The vast majority of the Township is designated as A-2 which creates minimum size parcels of 5 acres. There are some smaller areas that are designated as RSD or RA which enable smaller parcels to be created. Additionally within the Township there are various parcels created before 1973 which are considered lots of record and are not subject to the same minimum size requirements as those created aflter the zoning ordinances came into existence.
A searchable PDF of the recently updated Ordinance book (7/12/11) can be accessed by clicking here. Note Adobe Acrobat is required to run this application. The new road ordinance which was approved in May 2012 can be accessed here.
If you would like to review any of the ordinances on record, or have questions regarding any of the ordinances, please call one of the supervisors or clerk. The numbers are on the home page.
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