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Notices and Elections


Office Coverage
There are no regular hours when the New Haven Town Hall is staffed.  Please contact the Town Clerk at 507-226-1082 for any questions.  You can also contact the Town Clerk by email at

Township Right-of Way Notice
The New Haven Town Board reminds residents that it is unlawful to perform any work or prohibited actions within the Township's road right-of-way (ROW) without prior approval.  The complete notice can be viewed here.  The Township ROW ordinance can be viewed here.  Permits to do work in Township ROWs are required and can be obtained through the Town Clerk.  Political campaign signs cannot be placed within the Township's ROW, and may be removed.

Swing-away Mailbox Post Policy
The New Haven Township swing-away mailbox policy for township roads, adopted by the Town Board on June 11, 2019, can be viewed here.

Road Grading Policy
The Michael Wood LLC road grading policy, approved by the Town Board on November 10, 2015, can be viewed here.

Snow Removal Policy
The Michael Wood LLC snow removal policy, approved by the Town Board on October 13, 2015, can be viewed here.

Fee Policy
The fees for copies of public records, NSF returned checks, and burning permits, were adopted by the Town Board on April 2, 2019.  The fee policy can be viewed here.

Douglas Center Grove Cemetery
The Douglas Center Grove Cemetery has a website that can be viewed here:
The website includes a short history of the cemetery, veteran information, along with other information and pictures.

House-Number Fire Sign Application
The House-number fire sign application can be accessed here.  New Haven residents can purchase fire signs for $50, including installation.

Campaign Certifications Of Filing
Under Minnesota Statute 211A.02 subd. 6, the Campaign Financial Report Certifications of Filing can be viewed by selecting the year below:
2020   2019   2018   2017   2016

Douglas State Trail
The Douglas State Trail is a 12.5-mile multiple-use trail developed on an abandoned railroad grade, with parallel asphalt and natural surface trails.  About 7.4 miles of the trail are in New Haven Township.

For more information on the Douglas State Trail:
Google Maps virtual tour:
Chloride Application Notice
Letters with details for the 2021 chloride program have been mailed to homeowners that received chloride last year and should be received around May 19.  Office hours have been set up during the week of May 22 to May 28 to receive checks for payment and to pick up marker stakes.  Application is planned for the week of June 1, weather permitting.

The homeowner cost will remain the same as last year: $99 for the first 300 feet, and $66 for each additional 100 feet. 

For any questions, please contact the Town Clerk at 507-226-1082, or email at
Planning and Zoning Notice
Building Permits, Conditional Use Permits, Zoning Changes, etc., are handled for New Haven Township by TCPA (Township Cooperative Planning Association).  Contact TCPA at 507-529-0774 or visit

MN State Auditor Report

The Minnesota State Auditor released the 2019 Town Finances Report in November 2020:

Excerpts from State Auditor report for townships in Olmsted County can be viewed by selecting a financial year: 2019   2018   2017   2016   2015 

Analysis shows that New Haven Township is in great financial shape.  New Haven Township has the lowest tax levy mill rate and lowest taxes per capita in Olmsted County.  New Haven Township also has one of the highest total reserves for any township in Olmsted County and no debt.

Property Tax Mill Rates
New Haven Township once again has the lowest property tax mill rates in Olmsted County in 2020.  A comparison of the property tax mill rates for townships in Olmsted County can be viewed by selecting the year below: 
2020   2019   2018   2017   2016   2015

Historical property tax mill rates for municipalities in Olmsted County:

A comparison of historical property tax mill rates for New Haven Township and some neighboring municipalities is available here

To calculate the property tax from a government unit on a parcel, divide the taxable market value of the parcel by 10,000 and multiply by the mill rate for the government unit.

A chart presented to the Town Board by the township clerk at the April 14, 2020, regular town board meeting, showing a long-term plan to balance cash reserve decreases with property tax levy increases over the next five years, can be viewed here

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