Notices and Elections

Special Town Board Meeting Notice

The New Haven Town Board will hold a Special Town Board meeting on Thursday May 26, 2022, beginning at 6:30 PM, in the City of Pine Island Council Chambers, Second Floor – City Hall, at 250 South Main Street, Pine Island, MN 55963.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss maintenance responsibilities of New Haven Road NW between the City of Pine Island and County Road 5 with representatives of the City of Pine Island.

Road Chloride Dust Mitigation

New Haven Township will offer residents on Township gravel roads dust-mitigation chloride again this year. The patron cost will remain at $99 for the first 300 ft., and $66 for each 100 ft. beyond that. Letters are being sent to patrons that purchased chloride last year, with information on when the Town Hall office will be staffed to collect payments and provide marker stakes. If you didn’t purchase chloride last year, but would like to purchase chloride this year, please stop by the Town Hall during the hours listed in the letter below.

House Number Fire Sign Application

New Haven Township residents can purchase fire signs for $50, including installation. Click below to view the house-number fire sign application and details.

Campaign Certification of Filing

Under Minnesota Statute 211A.02 subd. 6, the Campaign Financial Report Certifications of Filing can be viewed by selecting the year below: